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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Modern HR strategy is an integral component of the global strategy of leading companies who thrives on today’s challenging environment. More than ever, we need appropriate tools and technology to transform our Strategic Thinking Process into tangible and sustainable business results. When Business Plan, Strategy Map, Balance Scorecard, Performance Management, Talent Management, Continuous learning, are all coherently linked, the company can then unleash the formidable power of its human resources to secure the desired business results.


General Configuration:

•Company Setup •Setup of Department •Designation Setup •Organizational Calendar Setup •Holiday & Festival Setup •Designation Setup •Attendance Policy Setup •Shift Setup •Shift and User Assignment •Shift Swapping etc.

Employee Management:

•Employee Information •Transfer of employee •Promotion •Increment •Self Service •Approval workflow setup •Employee exit management •KPI •Collaboration •Notification etc.

Leave & Attendance Management:

•Leave Policy Setup •Leave type management •Application Self Service •Dynamic Approval Workflow Settings •Leave approval management based on dynamic workflow •Automatic merge of approved leave into attendance sheet •Yearly leave register report in excel •Yearly leave migration for carry forward setup •Automated pro-rate basis leave balance for employees. •Auto Synchronized Attendance from device •Overtime Calculation •Attendance Self Service

Payroll Module:

• Dynamic Salary Component Creation •Customizable up to where to show, deduction or addition in type, monthly, optional or compulsory. •Salary process module based on salary month definition. •Salary Calculation Formula Setup •Salary Sheet filterable by company, year and month. This is a group list enlisting salary gross and net payment for all employees for the regarding company, year and month if already processed •Automatically generated pay slip for each individual employee. Before salary is locked, elements in pays lip can be edited. Gross salary and net salary will be automatically be edited based on edited data.

Advance & Loan Management: •Advance Application Self Service •Approval Workflow •Installment management •Automatically effective to payroll •Dynamic breakdown of installments •Installment plan export to pdf report •If expanded as features, other types of advances can be managed within this same module.


Provident Fund:

•Time duration after which specific schema is active •Setup for both employee and company contribution over specific course of time •Eligibility setup for individual employee •Yearly PF register for 12 months, remarking a single employee for all employment years

Pension Fund Scheme:

 •Pension fund data from other systems, available in readable formats by our system, would store pension data. •These data will be available in sortable and searchable against an employee or a group of employees. •Reports can be generated from these records, exported in PDF and excel.


•Tax policy Setup •Monthly Tax Calculation •Yearly Tax Submission •Integrating

Requisition Management:

 •Creating request through online form •Dynamic approval process setup •Review status update •Requisition exportable to PDF

User Access Management:

 •User Setup •User Role Setup •Role Definition Setup •Up to button action level user access management.

Integrated Reporting:

•Employee reports. •Yearly leave register- both group and individual. •PF Reports •Attendance report individual •Daily attendance report in group •Group overtime report •Customized report generator interface

Tools and Technologies

PHP Laravel Jquery AJAX MySQL Bootstrap(4) HTML5 CSS3 JAVASCRIPT

System Requirements

Technical Requirements:


*Apache/Nginx web server.

*MySQL database server

*Linux servers (such as Cent OS, Ubuntu Server)

*Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012.

*In an intranet environment, the application can be installed in desktop environment configured with local server software. 

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