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Eterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An organization that has no ERP will be running on numerous types of software that do not permit collaboration. Customization also may be tough it in some cases. This will undesirably touch the optimized operational of organization’s business activities. A robustly incorporated ERP system facilitates interactions of marketing, sales, quality control, products processes, supply lines, stocks and many other areas and it can be in a single database. This will eliminate the occasional loss of and retyping errors. It assimilates all departments and functions crosswise a company in a single computer system that is capable to serve all those different department’s specific requirements. SULERP is an online, modern, highly-adaptable, and affordable ERP solution for an organizations willing to automate its business process in a fully customized flavor. The key objective of SUL ERP is to integrate information and processes from all functional divisions of an organization and merge it for effortless access and structured workflow


Dashboard: *Create and manage multiple company *Individual and consolidated financial report *Different user setup for individual company *Analytical Dash Board

Commercial: *LC Management *LC Amendments *Proforma Invoice *Back to Back LC to Supplier *Invoice Receiving *LC payment aging report *LC currency conversion adjustments 

Product Development: *Plan, manage, and monitor product innovations and efficiency *Product Sampling *Product cost, time, scope, and quality performance *Integrate a variety of simultaneous 

Purchase: *Purchase Order *Purchase Invoice *GRN-Goods Receiving Note *Purchase Order Tracking

Online Order Entry Management: *Unlimited Dynamic Order Entry Page creation through Scheme Setup *Order can be processed / entered in multiple ways

Inventory: *Warehouse Setup *Location Setup *Product Setup *Unit Setup & Unit Conversion *Product Category (Multilevel) *Product Variant Setup *Product Price List *Delivery Order *Dispatch *Product Transfer

Sales & Customer Service: *Customer Order Management *Sales Quotation *Sales Order *Sales Invoice *Sales Return

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): *Lead Management *Opportunity Management *Contact Management *Sales Tracking *Sales Forecasting

Layout Automation: *UPS Calculation Setup. *Printer Mapping for different UPS. *Division/Plant Mapping. *Generate Automation Job File from Order Entry System. *Batch Process for Automation. *Create Layout (PDF). *Auto upload Layout to ERP system. *Division wise Layout search and download option. *Track Layout Automation Life Cycle. 

Manufacturing: *Multi-level bill of Materials *Manufacturing Order *Material Requirements Planning *Production Schedule *Machine Capacity setup for Production *Track Work Order *Machine wise periodical production report

Finance: * Job Cost *Standard Cost *Accounts Receivable *Accounts Payable *General Ledger *Cash Management *Bank Management *Fixed Assets

Human Resource Management: *Admin Module *Leave Management *Time and Attendance Management *Payroll *Employee Self Service *Performance/Talent Management *Performance Appraisal with KPI *Exit Management *Reporting

Quality Management: *Quality certification *Quality Planning *Product Quality Tracking *Quality Reporting

Tools and Technologies

ASP.Net(MVC5) Web API(2) MS SQL Server Bootstrap Html5 Css3 Kendo UI Jquery

System Requirements

Technical Requirements:

To run successfully and to be accessible via web, this software needs to be on a windows based server environment and MS SQL database server. The server also needs to be configured with a real IP to be accessible. However, following tools and technologies are necessary to run the application-


*Windows Server 2008 or 2012.


*MS SQL Server 2012

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