Systech Unimax

Our Services

We Provide All Kinds of IT & Software Solutions

Since we challenge ourselves to reach widest range of offers regarding our respective industry, to reach maximum number of clients, we offer a range of high quality services. We understand that an existing business entity would probably need to automate operations, while a new organization would need much more such as infrastructure, consultancy, automated solutions altogether. We designed our business functionalities based on these learning, so that we can produce widest range products and services for clients.

Our Services


Website Development

We design responsive, dynamic websites featured with rich content and functionalities. We understand what users would expect from a website, as we continuously work with our loyal customers, we critically tend to design and build upon this understanding. We know that our clients’ branding depends on certain components, and we carefully craft our User Interface (UI) and User Experience. We spend our time and resources to cater the best features, dynamic functionalities such as giving users control over contents. We design clutter-free website, yet with serious caution not to lose any context.


Software Development

Modern business environment is complex, dynamic and ever-changing in nature. Our industry-experienced software development team focus on unified development process to support such situation to deliver solutions for automating complex manual operations. We use cutting edge tools and technologies to best-support development of applications that work fast, securely and reliable. We custom develop features, based on clients’ requirements, so that our solution works accurately to suit needs of different business environment.


Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps allow users to access valuable information and features from enterprise solutions in handheld devices such as mobile phones and tabs on the other hand gaming apps work as great source of entertainment. All applications are developed using their native platforms, so that they work fast, reliable and securely.  As we depend on modern tools and technology, our services inherently allow such communication between multiple platforms at a technical level, which saves development time and cost, ensuring benefits for both of us and our clients’.


Network Solutions

We understand that our clients’ information system critically depends on IT infrastructure. We provide state of the art networking products and services to ensure reliable infrastructure, so that information used within organization is easily accessible, secured and readily available when needed. We provide network equipment at very competitive price, yet without compromising quality even by a bit.


IT Consultancy

We offer a high quality Consultancy Services to help companies make the most of their IT investments. We work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. We work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems and software solutions in various organizations.


CMS Application Development

While we work with core languages to develop enterprise business applications, our professionals also work with applications based on CMS such as WordPress, Zoomla and Drupal. Besides, we also have our custom CMS solution to cater more simplified requirements of our customer.


Security & Surveillance Solution

we deliver video security solutions for today’s applications by designing the industry’s broadest offering of IP-based video security systems. From industry-leading Fixed IP, PTZ IP, Specialty IP and Panoramic IP cameras to video management solutions, we are committed to providing innovative, superior-quality products that help businesses of any kind meet their security and surveillance needs. In addition to cameras, video management and software solutions, we also design and supply the widest variety of accessories, including mounts, enclosures, control, transmission and power solutions necessary for today’s end-to-end installations.

How We Work?


We have cultivated a research culture to ensure enhancement within every resources we have, every products and services we deliver to our clients. We seriously focus on requirements analysis which is vital to develop a right product.


We understand that with a functional service, it is important to ensure a better design, in terms of software, that is easy to use and fast. We spend significant amount of time in designing user interfaces and user experience, alongside our core business function development to ensure simplicity without losing functional context.


We maintain multi-tier code evaluation, testing, quality assurance and ensure that best conventions are followed. We build product scalable, secured, dynamic and flexible to changes. These efforts ensure that our applications can suit with ever changing business environment, and maximum support of automated process is possible.


We have dedicated testing team to ensure who work throughout the development phases to ensure that all functionalities work properly. This make sure that transition between the development phase and deployment phase is shorter, unexpected errors are not there.


As we follow industry standard project management frameworks, post-development support comes as a vital promise to our clients. From continuous new feature development, to back up and security, we take care of everything so that users do not have to worry about technical aspects.